Manufacturing & Steel Processing

In metal manufacturing and processing industries, quality of their products is the utmost concern for our customers. PTS is able to provide the following essential tests for material fabricators and suppliers to ensure that their products are within the required specifications. Such tests may include:

  • • Mechanical Properties e.g. Tensile Strength, Hardness
  • • Chemical Composition e.g. C, P, S, Mn, Si
  • • Metallurgical Properties e.g. Microstructure, Ferrite Content, Corrosion Resistivity


Chemical composition plays a dominant role in the range of mechanical properties attainable in carbon and alloy steels, in particularly for hardenability and weldability. Carbon equivalent (CE) and pitting resistance equivalent number (PREN) are 2 important values that could be derived from chemical composition.

Solution: Determination of Metal Composition via Spark – OES (lab-based)

When your sample can be cut for lab based analysis, PTS can provide lab-based Spark OES with better detection limits and larger element ranges, than the portable method


During welding, hydrogen is generated from the dissociation of water vapour or hydrocarbons in the welding arc. Small sized hydrogen atoms can diffuse in the weld and heat-affected zone (HAZ). These could build up and create stresses in the presence of residual tensile stresses and contribute to hydrogen (delayed) cracking.

Solution: Determination of diffusible hydrogen content and/or Determination of Moisture Content in Fluxes or Covered Electrodes

PTS can provide analysis for customers that are manufacturers or suppliers of welding electrodes to determine moisture content in fluxes or covered electrodes and diffusible hydrogen content in welds.

Other tests that you may be interested in:

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