problem: There are a wide variety of materials that are being used in the construction industry. Some examples are structural steels, including plates, universal beams, hollow sections, channels, angle bars etc; high bolting fasteners; and reinforcement bars. Verification of materials against the mill test certificates by third party testing laboratories are often mandatory to ensure that the materials obtained possess the properties as stated in the mill test certificates.

Solution: Tensile Test

PTS can perform tensile tests to determine how a material will react when a force is applied in tension manner. Tensile test is one of the simplest and widely used mechanical tests to determine yield strength, ultimate tensile strength and ductility of the material.

problem: Steel reinforcement bars are used in construction of roads, bridges, train tunnels. Parts of the structures are subjected to cyclic loading due to their operational loads. Therefore it is mandatory to evaluate high cycle fatigue property before they are being used in construction.

Solution: High Cycle Fatigue Test (Rebar)

PTS can perform high cycle fatigue tests for reinforcement bars. Typically, reinforcement bar has to withstand a repeated loading for millions of cycles without failure. If this requirement is met, the chances of fatigue failure while in-service can be greatly reduced.

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